How to choose a credible online (internet) anger management class

How to choose a credible online (internet) anger management program

  1. Length of time in business. There are some companies that have been in business only 3-4 months and claim that they have thousands of customers. This is quite unlikely. Choose a program that has an established record of acceptances in all US states.
  2. Credentials. While there are no laws regarding online anger management programs it is important that the program’s curriculum be developed by individuals who are competent and has some credentials in mental health. I have had too many situations where probation officers, lawyers and even judges have called me to verify that I was a real person with real credentials. Online shoppers should beware of website that hide their identity and have no posted credentials relevant to mental health.
  3. Who accepts this program? Can the provider give any information on who has accepted the program?
  4. What if there is a dispute? It is now standard that all online anger management providers have Better Business Bureau accreditation. My advice is if there is no BBB accreditation, NEVER shop with this provider because if a problem arises the consumer has no recourse.
  5. What really are you purchasing? Many providers say that their program is online but most are PDF downloads to read. Truly online programs are interactive with narration. Anything else with frustrate and otherwise inconvenience the consumer.

There are a huge number of online anger management providers. My only advice is to choose wisely. The cheapest class may be more headache than you bargained for.

Dr. Carlos Todd

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