Five reasons why Anxiety is linked to Anger, Conflict and Bullying

For the purpose of this article anxiety is defined as the following: A constant and low grade feeling of being unsafe and always fearing pending non-existence either by death or just being totally invisible or irrelevant to the rest of the world.

1.    Anxiety can lead to a heightened state of suspicion of others which often results to unnecessary conflicts.
2.    Anxiety alters perceptions which in turn can create distorted realities that often lead to episodes of anger and conflict.
3.    Anxiety can lead to negative self talk and paranoia which in turn can lead to a constant need to defend self.
4.    Anxiety can create a need to control others which is fueled by a fear that others want or will take what we have.
5.    Anxiety can make it difficult for an individual to see their “goodness,” which often leads to a constant need to defend self.

Carlos Todd, PhD
Anger, Conflict and Bullying Expert

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